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This page features my position on issues relevant to the survey I conducted across residents of Metuchen in May 2017. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information.


Traffic has not improved in town and in fact will become more of a quality of life issue in Metuchen with overdevelopment. 
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What was once a charming small town is now a backyard of development that has not aligned with any future vision other than putting more people closer to Main Street. With a 3 mile radius this was the solution. At the same time, beautiful older homes were torn down and some properties inherited 2 larger cookie cutter homes. The result of overdevelopment has now burdened our schools and now a new school is needed to handle the growth.  The irony is the Council is only now soliciting a study on what happened and what can be done.  Is it not too late for that?  Moreover, most of the zoning ordinances already were written but were not enforced when applications from one main developer continued forward.  The solution is not more ordinances. The solution is enforcing what is in place and stop selective application approvals. The solution is planning for future development so public services are not constrained or overburdened.  The solution is in front of us. A Certified Public Accountant needs to be at the table to ask the tough questions and demand answers now, not when they want to share the answers.


Our town has been neglected while only certain areas of town have been the focus.  Our taxes have been reallocated to other "important matters" like $32K for planters downtown instead of necessary fire house repairs.  We do not have an infrastructure plan to address the major issues today and the issues that we will face in the near future.

One Party Governing

When there is only one group, what do you expect?


100% Concensus


No challenge

Hidden agendas


What I see is complete risk for bad decision making. It is time to make a decision whether you want comfort or assurance that there is a healthy level of debate and discussion to land on the right decision for all residents, not just the special inner circle.


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