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I highly endorse Richard Menziuso for Boro Council. Metuchen must have people of his caliber to help run this town. We are in very bad need of Mr. Menziuso. His integrity, honesty, intelligence is sorely needed on the Metuchen Boro Council. — John Altman

I'm am endorsing Mr. Richard Menziuso for the following reasons: Mr. Menziuso is more than qualified to become a productive and intelligent member of the council. For too long the Metuchen Boro has been run by one party. That, in my opinion is unhealthy and too convenient. Our Democratic Party has been solely in control for too long. I believe we need a bi-partisan representation to gain insight into different thinking; with new and improved ideas. Mr. Menziuso and his wife bought their first home as a married couple and then started to have a family. They have lived in Metuchen for a number of years. When their family grew they didn't move away to a larger home in another town. Instead they relocated to a larger home in Metuchen because of their love of this town. Metuchenites would be lucky to have a man of his intelligence, integrity, honor, strong commitment and devotion to this town on the Boro Council. — Laraine Altman

A baseball fan, yes. A Yankee fan, no. But you can't deny the positive effect that the new players have had on the team. The self-absorbed, aloofness, complacency of the incumbents was revitalized with new blood. Metuchen needs just such a jolt. From my numerous Letters in the "Sentinel," I have well documented the arrogant indifference and inaction that the present administrations have shown to my bona fide complaints. The Quality of Life in this Boro has been scandalously compromised. I endorse Richard Menziuso for Council in hopes that he can affect the apparent lock-step one party mismanagement of the incumbents. Need an illustration as to the need for change? View the grossly negligent handling of Amboy Avenue at its intersects with Boro side streets. Put your foot in a pothole or two, but be careful not to trip on the pavement grade irregularities...a millions dollar loss to the Boro And didn't the Boro Administrator resign without reason at the time the "blacktop" hit the fan? RG Douglas — RG DOUGLAS

Rich Menziuso is the kind of public servant Metuchen needs. He is a CPA with accounting background and is well suited to helping run a complex organization. — Eric Lignell

I'm excited to see what he has in store for Metuchen! — Orla McGrade

I have met and spoken with Richard on a number of occasions. He is a sophisticated and passionate candidate who is willing to listen to both sides of an issue. He does not hesitate to support a good idea, no matter its source. He has a great resume, is thoughtful and approachable. I have been very impressed by his willingness to challenge the way things are done, and his accounting acumen would be a great asset to Metuchen. Very impressed. — Chris Morrison

It's time to stop the liberal establishment's crusade of this small town's politics. Mr.Menziuso has exhibited a clear determination to providing a diverse opinion to the council. For a town that prides itself on just how accepting it is of everyone, we don't do a very good job of establishing groups of elected officials that represent our diverse coalition of citizens. I stuggle to understand how the "Brainy Borough" struggles at times to find the courage to take a stand up for what is right. If elected, it is apparent Mr.Menziuso will take his role as one who represents a body of people seriously and not vote yes on motions because his Democrat buddy next to him did too. This is a small town with a population of less than 14,000. There are over 323 million US citizens. Tying Mr.Menziuso to the President or any other national elected official is an absurd last ditch effort by Democrats to stall change and too halt the inevitable corronation ceremony that occurs every election day. Mr.Menziuso, through all of this, has shown nothing but upstanding moral character and leaves me every reason to believe that he is exactly the change this council and more importantly this town. desperately needs. — Nick Pocchia

I have lived in town for forty years and have remained an independent for many years. I support Richard as he has the heart to address what is needed for residents like me. We have seen the Jewel of Middlesex lose its shine and brilliance. Richard brings a new perspective and is willing to work hard to be our advocate.  He is works tirelessly to be a man for others. He would be a great Council member who will be a fresh set of eyes during this time of fast development.

— Neighbor who geniunely cares

The reasons I Walter Zjawin support Richard Menziuso are the Following.1) There have been people in Local Borough positions too long controlling every aspect in Local Government. The local citizens voices are not heard and if you disagree with those in control you are personally targeted and attacked. 2) Any discussion or ideas about the future are ignored and questions asked are never answered. 3) The same people who were against a Local Food Store demonstrated on Central Ave against a Food Store being built resulting in no Food Store for over 15 years.Claiming it would increase traffic on all streets. These are the same people who have created more then a Dozen Housing Complexes in town. 4) Richard Menziuso is a fairly new resident of town who has a background in Business and Accounting and realizes that changes that have adversely affected the majority of the Middle class and poor that live in Metuchen. 5) I fully support Richard Menziuso in his quest to make Metuchen a Better place to live. — Walter Zjawin

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