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Promises Made, Promises Kept for Arino Massie

Richard Menziuso's GoFundMe campaign for Arino Massie's family was complete when the fund raised more than the goal of $1,014. Richard met with Arino's wife and son and their pastor on June 25th and hand delivered the check with the proceeds of the fund raiser. The Arino family were very pleased with the amount of support and expressed how happy Arino learned about the GoFundMe campaign. Richard brought his entire family to meet the Massie family and extended further support as they continue their mission to bring Arino back home to the USA. Richard reminded the Massie family, that he was merely the messenger and the conduit of financial support as the generous donations were from many concerned citizens who express how united we are on helping Arino return and have his family back into their normal lives.

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